Making an Informed Decision: Franchise Advantages and Disadvantages

decision making

In this article by Jill Abrhamamsen, a few emerging and popular types of franchise are described: Senior Care, Cannabis, Home Restoration, and more. She examines some advantages and disadvantages of each, from great referrals and new markets to labor-intensive work and periods of little demand.

Every business owner should be equipped to deal with unique situations to their particular business, location, clientele, and supply/products. A franchise consultant’s job is to prepare the prospective franchisee with as much information as possible. This involves asking the right questions of the franchisor, determining these specific advantages & disadvantages, and making sure the franchisee has the ongoing support they need to be successful in their field. It is impossible to foresee every potential issue as well as every potential success. With the past tumultuous year in mind, it is even more important than ever to do research and find an expert in the current market.

AMRA Franchise Consulting is a full-service franchise consulting company. Our mission is to guide each client towards their goals. If we can provide each client with enough information for them to make their OWN decision, then we call that a success!

Article on Franchising USA: LINK


Written by Lauren S.