Article Share: Post-Pandemic Requirements for Buying or Selling Franchised Businesses

In this Article by David S. Paris on, a few major concerns for post and even current pandemic buying and selling of franchises are explored. Paris notes that things like valuations, rent deferment, and obviously the toll on sales will have effects on how people handle valuations. How long will pandemic considerations affect businesses in the process of being bought or sold? How much emphasis should be placed on whether a business suffered or grew during the pandemic? Will those effects last into the future, or are they temporary?

These are complicated issues that business owners, advisors, and franchisors all must adapt to. At AMRA, we are doing our best to keep up with current concerns of buyers, sellers, franchisors, and business owners. At AMRA Franchise Consulting, we will assist and address all your concerns in this complicated but vital process.

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