Why I chose a Service Brand (Franchising.com- Keegan Trudgen):

Why I chose a Service Brand

In this newsletter, we’ll be asking service brand franchisees why they chose to be in this sector, why they selected the brand (or brands!) they did, and for their advice to anyone considering investing in a franchised service brand – whether as a first-time franchisee or as a veteran operator seeking opportunities to diversify their portfolio.

Name: Keegan Trudgen

Brand: PuroClean

Title: Franchisee

Units: 5 (Wood Dale, Northbrook, Chicago, and Orland, IL; Waukesha, WI)

Years in franchising: 9

Why did you choose to franchise with a service brand?

Based on my business experience. I have seen it all, from manufacturing to retail, financial services, food services, restoration and remodeling. I knew that with my background I would be able to be a strong leader and follow a proven franchise business model in my local community.

How did you choose the sector and brand you did?

In the restoration and remediation industry, you are a community superhero, helping home and business owners during their times of need. That’s why I enjoy the restoration and remediation industry, because you’re helping during a disaster, whether that be a broken pipe causing flooding in someone’s home or drastic weather creating unsafe conditions. No matter the circumstance, you’re helping someone when they need it the most. PuroClean is the best franchise system in the home service brands industry, from its passion for servant leadership to the leadership team, brand culture, business model, and network of franchise owners. What PuroClean stands for at its core is to serve others, and that’s why it’s superior.

What different skill sets are required for service brand franchising?

A variety of skill sets are needed to run a PuroClean business. There are the technical skills, like the certifications you acquire with PuroClean during training. But there are also important skills like providing relentless customer service and leading with a servant mindset. You really have to be passionate about wanting to help others, just like doctors and nurses would when their patients are at their most vulnerable. The service we provide is essential and you have to join knowing that you’ll love what you do, or you won’t be successful.

What are the advantages to choosing a service brand?

The biggest advantage is that this business is recession-resistant because when people need our services, they need them regardless of the economy. It’s also not only working alongside home and business owners, but also working with insurance claims professionals during these difficult times. They are able to help and support the owners so they know they aren’t paying for all the costs of our services. This helps owners feel less stressed when you’re providing a service. Working with our industry, you’re providing an essential service, even during a pandemic. You’re out in the field, just like the firefighters, police officers, nurses, doctors, and teachers.

What would you recommend to anyone considering a service brand?

It’s important to remember that you are working with a lot of people who are at their most vulnerable and you must be supportive of your customers’ feelings and emotions. Truly consider if you want to be a paramedic of property damage before jumping in. As a PuroClean franchise owner, you’re working in people’s private properties, whether that be their home or business. Being respectful and passionate about helping is of the utmost importance.

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